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"Style isn’t just about what you wear
it's about how you live"

Lilly Pulitzer

Virtual Wardrobe Restyle 

Zoom call or in-person experience

re-evaluate, re-edit, re-learn, re-style

Your style, redefined with a touch of a button

Before our call, you fill in a simple form to evaluate your preferences for the best possible experience. 

We start the session by discussing and an overview of colours & silhouette consultation to optimise your session. The aim is for you to discover new ways of styling your clothes by using items from your existing wardrobe. A restyle of your items to ensure we list those missing key pieces to create a fully functional wardrobe. 

Your experience includes:

  • Colours and silhouette consultation to help you make better choices.

  • Expert, professional advice to create numerous outfits.

  • New style ideas for any occasion. Prepared for special evenings out, important events or holiday wardrobe.

  • You will be mastering the art of accessorising for all your outfits.

  • You will learn how to dress a garment up or down to transition from day to evening.

  • A gift voucher is available to book for a friend.


Option: You can request to create a digital catalogue for ease of getting dressed. Your personal lookbook is made for 'what to wear for any event. Never have to worry about what to wear for meetings, casual weekends, or special occasions. 

Virtual Personal Shopping 

Zoom call or in-person shopping experience

re-evaluate, re-style, re-vamp  


Effortless style experience delivered to your inbox

Before our zoom call, I ask that you fill in a simple form to get to know your personal requests for the best possible experience.


Items are selected to suit your preferences, and this eliminates challenges by suggesting pieces to fit within your desired spend.​ You can choose a 3, 5 or 7-hour option, depending on how many items are on your shopping list. This service includes sourcing clothes online with links sent to you to purchase, or you can request for me to shop and deliver them to your door personally, with an option to gift wrap.

Your experience includes:

  • Colours and silhouette consultation to make more considered choices.

  • Follow up zoom call to styling you in your new outfits (optional).  We can also use pieces from your existing wardrobe to mix items to create a variety of outfits.

  • Gift vouchers are available to purchase for someone else.

  • Option for an assisted shopping trip in person if you live in the UK.

  • For late requests or further advice, please get in touch with me by chat or phone.


Option: Add a personalised digital catalogue. Your personal lookbook is created especially for you on what to wear for any occasion.

Sustainable lifestyle 

Zoom call or in-person one to one experience

re-evaluate, re-cycle, up-cycle 


Embrace a sustainable lifestyle, one piece of clothing at a time.

Before our video call, you fill in a simple form to clearly understand your preferences to deliver the best possible experience.

This service is to assist you in creating a fully functional wardrobe for ease of getting dressed. An audit of your garments to declutter whilst we go through items together to decide the way forward for each garment. 

I advocate for styling with a purpose, and I focus on my client's wardrobes to see what unwanted items can be re-worked before they are recycled. I use my knowledge and discretion by suggesting you keep quality pieces and shop for those that demonstrate kindness to the environment. An utterly sustainable wardrobe edit with a list of contacts from my little black book. 


Your experience includes:

  • Colours and silhouette consultation will help to make your wardrobe editing much more manageable.  

  • Your items are organised to create a more manageable wardrobe. 

  • We are reinventing and re-evaluating your forgotten or neglected pieces in depth.

  • If you have booked a virtual shopping experience, we can arrange a video call to merge your new buys with your existing wardrobe.

  • Book as a gift for someone else, and they will receive a personalised gift card. 

  • Option for an assisted shopping trip in person whilst adhering to government guidelines.

Option:  Request a digital catalogue of all your styled outfits. Your personal lookbook planned out, what to wear for each occasion, for your casual weekends or special events.  

Personal Brand Styling

Zoom call and in-person

re-valuate, re-style, re-brand

Authenticity is infectious

Your wardrobe is the most important investment you can make

Before our video call, I ask that you fill in a simple form for me to get to know you on a deeper level to give you the best possible experience.

Confidence changes peoples perception, and clothes give a positive self-image.

Create a style that gives you that sense of power and confidence from within. You will gain expert style advice for your professional role. Revitalise your wardrobe by learning to utilise it with confidence. 

Your experience includes:

  • Colours and silhouette consultation.

  •  Evaluation of your lifestyle goals and current aspirations.

  • Smart, creative and intelligent goals for your working wardrobe.

  • Creative, capsule wardrobe planned in advance.

  • A gift voucher is available to purchase for someone else. 

  • Option for an assisted shopping trip.

Option: Request a digital catalogue so you can see all your styled outfits. Your personalised lookbook plan for what to wear for any occasion, meetings, casual weekends, or special events.