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stylish woman wearing peach blouse, beige trousers and holding bag

Hand-selected Items 

For an individual experience to represent your style and taste. Finding those hidden gems that add value for years to come. 

Hand-selected just for you

re-evaluate, re-learn, re-style

Would you like your clothes to create a statement;  one-off unique items that you feel connected to who you are? A capsule range of clothing you can wear again and again. The ultimate degree of sustainability!


What is included:

The aim is to redefine your style:

During our phone consultation, you will complete a simple form to list your preferences to gain the best possible experience. We start the session by discussing an overview of colours & silhouettes. This aims to discover new ways of wearing your clothes with a hand full of new items. A complete restyle plan of all your items to ensure we also list those missing key pieces to create a fully functional wardrobe with complete outfits ready to wear daily and for occasions. 

What you will gain from your experience with Stylist in London:

  • Colours and silhouette consultation to help you make better future choices.

  • Professional style advice to eliminate items that don't work for your unique skin tone or body shape, or discover new ways to create them that suit you!

  • Newly styled ideas for each occasion, so you are prepared for special evenings out, important events or even a holiday wardrobe.

  • You will master the art of accessorising all your outfits to create confidence and look stylish daily.

  • Learn tips on how to dress each garment up or down and how to be clever in transitioning from day to evening.

  • The service is very focused on all your garments, and each item

  • A gift voucher is available to book for a friend.


Option: You can request to create a go-to digital catalogue for ease of getting dressed daily, so you never have to worry about what to wear for meetings, casual weekends, or special occasions. Your personal lookbook is made for 'what to wear for any event. 

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