Shyla Hassan Personal Stylist London, Personal Wardrobe Edits & Personal Styling in London with over 20 years  experience in the fashion industry focusing on Sustainability. 

Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming getting dressed, especially with a wardrobe full of clothes and feeling like you could do with some help. It may be that you just need some guidance, or perhaps feeling a little disillusioned and would like a defined direction  to best represent who you are.  It's not how many clothes you own, but how you make the best use in pairing them together that really counts! The  women I usually work with find that they have a wardrobe full of items, but the struggle is creating wearable and effortless outfits and looking to improve their style. If this sounds like you then perhaps it's time you invested in hiring a professional Personal Stylist to help achieve your goals.


You may decide you would like to drop me an email to answer your queries or perhaps would like to call me for a one session on your personal wardrobe concerns. There is no obligation to book me, you can take your time to ask me anything  before making a decision on whether you have come to the right place. I am certainly a good listener and specialise in working with women to take the stress out of  getting ready  so feel free to  get in touch!

With my years of expertise working in the fashion industry, I have developed a winning formula with a focus on the cut, colour and texture that is effective to optimise your body shape. I am also an advocate for sustainability and an expert in my field in helping  you to reinvent your wardrobe and use my knowledge and discretion to guide you with my personal shopping to select items that demonstrate kindness to the environment. My aim is to create a unique, capsule collection of  items that promote longevity.


My clients are individuals that recognise that their image creates impact but fall short on time perhaps due to career or family commitments which leave very little time or energy to focus on personal concerns. This is where I am able to step in and offer my expertise to cut corners and to marry style items needed, allowing you to focus on other daily concerns.


It is my goal to make dressing up more enjoyable, and for you to gain the knowledge  to confidently put complete outfits together with ease whilst creating your unique identity and owning it with confidence.


 I am available to help you achieve any concerns you have so feel free to get in touch.

"Style isn’t just about what you wear

it's about how you live"

Lilly Pulitzer




With over twenty years’ experience in the fashion industry producing high-end magazine editorials as well as styling for commercial and private clients. I have an honours degree in Fashion Design and a finalist in the prestigious ‘British Graduate Designer of the Year’ award. My design career enabled me to work with international brands including DKNY and Reebok, taking me to London and New York. 

 I have had many wonderful experiences such as working as Fashion and Celebrity Director, at ‘Recognise Magazine’, promoting an ethical and sustainable lifestyle where I  was responsible for the creative angle of fashion and celebrity photoshoots. I have worked with many celebrities such as Paloma Faith, Nicole Scherzinger and red carpet actors such as Tom Felton and Tom Hughes and where I was  involved in directing and styling fashion shoots.

With my diverse background as a creative, I have worked with a range of individuals and body types fulfilling a wide spectrum of briefs. I am confident I can help  create your personal identity, and help you to gain a wardrobe that you are comfortable and have the self-assurance to wear.  My priority is making dressing up simple, enjoyable and stress free!

Based in London, I am also involved in a digital platform called 'Brand me', an on going project in producing style content to inform, advise and empower women. My focus is to work closely with women needs and to reflect their personal brand, this allows me to work closely with inspirational female entrepreneurs and getting to know them on a personal level through their sartorial choices.


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Shopping trip

“I'm not really a shopper and generally don't   enjoy shopping, let alone put anything together. My experience with Shyla was nothing short of awesome. I now understand which clothes and styles flatter me the most, and how to make shopping more fun! Ive bought a few more clothes since as the lessons I learned stuck.” 

—  Melody, Author

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