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beige coat, pink shirt and printed bag


Connecting you with your personal brand Identity and visual voice that represents your personality 

Personal Brand Styling 

re-valuate, re-style, re-brand

Authenticity is infectious....

Your style is as unique as your fingerprints. For branding, I take into account your values, culture, personality, and what enhances your skin tone and shape, so the clothes can work for who you are as an individual.

Stylist in London can help you to connect with your style confidence, learning how to use colours and times that match your style and enhance your visual voice. 

What's included:

Your wardrobe is the most important investment you can make. You may be a creative personality, a business entrepreneur or a public-facing role.  We can discuss your expectations and get to know you in order to give you the best possible experience.

Confidence changes people's perceptions, and clothes give a positive self-image.

Create a unique style that gives you that sense of power, style and confidence. You will gain expert advice for your professional role. Revitalise your wardrobe by learning to utilise it with confidence. 

What you will gain from your experience:

  • Colours and silhouette consultation.

  •  Evaluation of your lifestyle goals and current aspirations.

  • Smart, creative and intelligent goals to make your wardrobe work for you and your lifestyle

  • Creative, capsule wardrobe planned in advance for future events

  • An assisted shopping trip to buy any pieces needed to complete your wardrobe.

  • A gift voucher is available to purchase for someone you know that could benefit from this experience. 

Option: Request a digital catalogue so you can see all your styled outfits. Your personalised lookbook plan for what to wear for any occasion, meetings, casual weekends, or special events.  

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