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Sustainable living 

The art of a sustainable lifestyle
Re-evaluate, re-fit, and re-design items to re-create a wardrobe full of fresh new creative pieces for your wardrobe

Wardrobe Re-design


What's included:

This service is to assist you in creating a fully functional wardrobe for ease of getting dressed. An audit of your garments to declutter whilst we go through items together to decide the way forward for each garment. 

Embracing a sustainable lifestyle means evaluating one piece of clothing at a time...

Before our meeting or video call, you fill out a simple form to clearly understand your preferences to deliver the best possible experience. We can also discuss and do this on the phone.

I advocate a styling experience with a purpose, and I focus on my client's wardrobes to see what unwanted items can be reworked and re-designed before they are recycled. I use my knowledge and discretion by suggesting you keep quality pieces and add to your current wardrobe that demonstrates kindness to the environment if necessary. An utterly sustainable wardrobe edit with a list of contacts from my little black book. 

What you will gain from your experience with Stylist in London:

  • Colours and silhouette consultation will help to identify a plan.  

  • Your items are organised to create a more manageable wardrobe. 

  • We will be reinventing and re-evaluating your neglected pieces in depth.

  • If you have also booked a Shopping in London experience to fill in those missing pieces, this will be discussed so we can merge your new buys with your existing wardrobe.

  • You can gift one of my experiences to someone else, so they can also benefit and receive a beautiful personalised gift card. 

Option:  Request a digital catalogue of all your styled outfits. Your personal lookbook planned what to wear for each occasion, casual weekends, or special events.  

re-evaluate, re-learn, re-style

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