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Shopping Experiences


Styled in London

re-evaluate, re-learn, re-style

A professional stylist accompanies you for an effortless style and shopping experience in your chosen area in London.

Let's first discuss your goals and what you want to achieve, and we can evaluate how to style you and create a list to shop for the best possible experience. 


What's included:

This service aims to rediscover new ways of wearing your garments.  We discuss an overview of your ideal colours & silhouettes. A restyle plan to ensure we create a targeted list to shop for those missing key pieces to create a selection of functional outfits that work!

Redefining your style whilst making intelligent choices for longevity. 

You can choose this personal shopping trip that will eliminate the challenges of getting ready. Also, we suggest pieces to fit your desired spending. You can choose your shopping hours and opt for half or full-day, depending on how many items are on your shopping list. If you opt for the online styling service, click the Hand-selected items service if you want us to source clothes on your behalf. We can discuss whilst you can even request hand-delivered items to your door. 

What you will gain from your experience with Stylist in London:

  • An overview of colours and silhouette consultation to make more considered choices.

  • Follow-up zoom call to style you in your new garments (optional).  We can also use garments from your existing wardrobe to mix new and old items to create various outfits. 

  • Professional style advice to eliminate items that work best for your unique skin tone and your body type and for you to discover creative new ways to wear clothing

  • You will master the art of accessorising all your outfits to create confidence and feel stylish daily. 

  • Learn tips on how to dress each garment up or down and how to be clever in transitioning from day to evening.

  • A gift voucher is available to book this service for a friend.


Option: You can request a creative go-to digital catalogue for ease of getting dressed daily, so you never have to worry about what to wear for meetings, casual weekends, or special occasions. Your personally organised portfolio for 'what to wear for any event. 

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