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Shyla Hassan Stylist in London

  "I believe I can achieve your winning formula by listening carefully to understand your goals."

About Me

I understand the transformative power of self-expression, the freedom it brings when one feels authentically seen and comfortable, and the need to conform to please others. 

Growing up, I grappled with self-consciousness and the pressure to conform to conventional beauty standards dictated by the media. However, I refused to let these constraints dictate my sense of self.

I was shy, and at 12, I discovered the language of clothing. Through the art of styling, I found my voice; it was my way of cultivating my inner confidence to allow me to express my identity.


With a natural affinity for fashion, I pursued a fashion degree that led me to explore creative design. There, I honed my skills in textile manipulation, cultural expression, and experimentation. I learned to use fabric, textures, and culture to express myself. My journey has taken me from London's bustling streets to New York City's vibrant energy.


Today, I am privileged to work with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds who seek to reclaim their unique identities. I love the satisfaction of witnessing the transformative power of style as my clients discover the joy of self-expression and authenticity. 


I am passionate about sustainability; long before it became a trend, I infuse my work with a commitment to eco-conscious practices. Whether I revive forgotten garments or craft innovative designs from repurposed materials, I embrace the challenge of breathing new life into tired wardrobes.


In addition to my consultancy work, I am actively involved in projects aimed at empowering entrepreneurial women through digital content creation. I partner closely with clients to align their brand identity with their sartorial choices, ensuring a seamless reflection of their unique vision. Beyond professional endeavours, I am dedicated to contributing to meaningful community initiatives that promote inclusivity and empowerment. 


If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery through style, I invite you to explore my range of services. Whether you're seeking a wardrobe refresh or a complete style transformation, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to contact me to learn how to work together to unlock your full style potential. 


Browse my services page to see how I can help you discover your new style. Or call me to say hello or learn more about my services.

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