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Shyla Hassan 是倫敦的造型師,是駐諾丁山的專業個人造型師,擁有 20 多年的時尚行業知識。

"Intelligent  choices for a remarkable wardrobe"

A bespoke personal shopping trip will accompany you to a select shopping destination, where you will find a range of garments. Choosing Stylist in London will transform your shopping experience into an empowering experience.

Do you want to connect with your unique identity? To create inner confidence and express what makes you but don't know how?  This will enhance your visual voice. whilst creating your brand you will learn who you are on the outside and learn to feel confident from within.

Use Stylist in London to hand-select items on your behalf. If your looking for great statement items for a special event or evening out, you will receive a handful of options to choose from

Wardrobe Re-style

 Discover and create new ways of wearing your garments whilst having a created list of missing key items so you have a  fully functional wardrobe. 

Wardrobe Re-design

Ready to take your wardrobe to a new level? This service  will include styling your garments but with much more. Discover your creative side whilst we take an audit of your existing garments to not only style but to re-design those items that have been sitting in your wardrobe waiting to be worn.  A revamp, refit, restyle or rehome your garments. 

Use Stylist in London to hand-select gifts on your behalf. You can brief me on the person you want to buy a special gift for to allow the perfect selection of times for purchased on your behalf.

"We created new outfits during my re-design session. I never knew you could create a new wardrobe from discarded clothes that haven't been worn in years."

Unlock the benefits of working a personal stylist 

  •  Revive Your Wardrobe: Rediscover forgotten garments in your wardrobe. We all have those pieces we just abandoned, not knowing how to wear them but unable to let go. 

  • Adapt to Body Changes: Embrace changes in your body shape by upgrading your wardrobe or creating a versatile capsule collection of clothing that fits and flatters.

  • Careers Transition Support: Transition smoothly to reflect your career by refreshing your wardrobe to reflect your evolving job role with fresh ideas and professional styling expertise to create your new aesthetic.

  • Boost Your Confidence: Gain confidence in your appearance, allowing you to socialize with ease and feel your best both inside and out.

  • Enhance Well-Being: Feel good about yourself, and foster social connections by exuding confidence and looking your best. 

  • Overcoming Style Challenges: Navigate the complexities of finding what suits you and having the know-how to create effortless outfits to create your unique identity. 

  • Embrace Personal Style: Break free from media standards and embrace a style that aligns with your individuality and self-perception.  

  • Break Free from Style Rut: Overcome style stagnation by seeking a trusted stylist who can help you navigate your style journey. 

  • Expand Your Wardrobe Options: Receive personalised recommendations to diversify your wardrobe options. We all want to feel our best and upgrade our looks to feel confident and at our best. 

Why work with Stylist In London

My passion is to build your self-confidence through clothing. As an expert style consultant, I am committed to providing an exceptional style consultancy experience. As a specialist in selecting sustainable, high-quality garments, I take pride in pieces that empower both women and men to feel more confident and proud in their attire.  I provide an individual and flexible experience by Listening carefully to understand your goals to achieve a winning formula that works personally for you. 

Rest assured, you are in safe hands with Stylist in London. My extensive experience in the fashion industry as a creative designer specialising in print and textiles, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every styling session.  My mastery in working with diverse body types ensures that the fabrics complement your individual physique, and enhance your natural beauty and confidence.  I will guide you in keeping your persona whilst gaining my creative design perspective on how you dress. I am skilled at creating ways to wear comfortable outfits for any occasion; having worked with numerous individuals with their personal struggles, my industry skills have helped me build confidence and identity for many clients. I have worked with many Celebrated individuals, International publications, Brands and various unique personalities. I am here to serve you in your personal style goals.


About Me

Shyla Hassan stylist in London
About Me

Iknow how powerful it feels to be seen, but I also feel comfortable without needing to conform to please others. I've always been self-conscious of how I came across visually and presented myself without being dictated by the media's idea of beauty. No one would ever believe it when I tell them that I was a shy individual growing up and was reluctant to express myself verbally, so I discovered clothing, which became my way of communicating my visual voice. This has been a continuous process that has helped me build my inner confidence and express my identity.


Working in fashion was a natural choice for me.  

My fashion degree led me to work as a creative designer experimenting with textiles and design; I learned the art of how to use fabric, textures and culture to express myself, working in both London and New York. Fast forward a few years, and I now work as a professional stylist within the fashion industry, and I also offer my professional services to private clients.

I am privileged to work with women and men from various cultural backgrounds who want to find or reclaim their unique identities and be appreciated for their authenticity. I love to see personalities come to life when they learn what feels good and how it just clicks into place because I help to unleash their creativity from within using clothes in a way that makes them feel represented on all occasions.

I am passionate about sustainability and have been for many years before it became 'fashionable', and it's why my clients work with me. They appreciate my skill in recreating clothing they thought they could no longer wear. I have a great eye for making things come back to life and creating fresh ideas from a tired wardrobe.

I also re-use clothing and redesign items by collecting pieces and recreating the life cycle. I always find new ways to reuse and source items from various places.

 Currently, I involve myself in various projects, including a digital platform called 'Brand me', producing style content to inform, advise and empower entrepreneurial women. I work closely with my clients to reflect their brand and create an identity through their sartorial choices. In my spare time, I contribute to special projects within my community to help individuals feel valued. Browse my services page to see how I can help you discover your new style. Or call me to say hello or learn more about my services.


To create confident happy people and memorable experiences that are empowering. To look and feel your best without damaging the planet

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To create your individual visual voice. A new found confidence to

create new life into garments by sharing, swapping and altering 

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A culture of kindness, supporting others with growth and well-being. promoting creativity through individuality  

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kindness, honesty and integrity.

Create your inner confidence To support an inclusive culture

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— 旋律,作者

我已經 不是真正的購物者,通常不喜歡購物,更不用說放任何東西了 一起。我和 Shyla 的經歷不算什麼 短的 真棒。我現在明白了 哪一個 衣服和款式 奉承 我最 以及如何讓購物更有趣!自從上課以來我又買了幾件衣服 一世 學習卡住了。  

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