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woman wearing coat and cap


I feel invisible, and my style is boring as i stick to safe options. I  don't even know if  i  can pull off a look and it if suits my personality read more 

woman wearing  pale yellow shirt, pastel trousers and cap

I am very happy and excited and couldn’t be more pleased with my new items. I feel more like I want to socialise and show people how I look. I feel rather special and its lifted my mood and feel an urgency to meet friends and make an effort. I feel like a different person 

woman with beige knitted jumper, rolled sleeves and bag
Stylist In London Logo Full_White_edited
woman with yellow blazer and women with red blazer

I have a lot of clothes but it feels overwhelming to decide what goes with what and i feel i have nothing to wear

It was worth using a stylist to explain how to choose items; I would never have selected them before. 


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